For Teachers

Designing Pre-Class Learning Activities

Your pre-classroom activities should be:

  • Factual which describes the basic concepts of the topics
  • Less challenging to the students to understand the concept.
  • Unambiguous, which leaving no doubt to the students.
  • Asynchronous that means students should be able to learn your pre-class activities at their own pace and own space.
  • given opportunities to interact with teachers and the colleagues

There are common tips to develop a video educational material

• Divide longer lectures into small chunks (Let’s say 10 to 12-minutes chunks)
• Use an informal tone for easy understanding
• Share, pre-class learning materials related to the face to face class
• Combine pictures, graphs or figures with narrated explanations
• Make sure, the users have control to rewind, fast forward and control the speed of the video.

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